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Hello, here’s a report from the Made in Lambeth Good for Nothing event. A very creative crowd – designers, developers, artists – here at the Oasis Centre near Lambeth North station.

What’s Lambeth? It’s a London borough, located just to the south of central London.

View from the Oasis Centre. Image credit: Dan Burgess.

The story in a nutshell

In just 48 hours we’ve built the basics for a Lambeth co-op website: a new way for Lambeth people and the council to work together.

Here it is:

This was built in two days, standing on the shoulders of giants. We started out with the amazing OpenPublic Drupal distribution.

This gave us such a high-level starting point, allowing us to get going quickly and have everyone creating content. This is the power of open-source code re-use. Community documentation for OpenPublic is here.

Getting existing data from the Lambeth website

Richard Pope did some amazing work with ScraperWiki to get data from the existing Lambeth Council website. This got us started with some 600 or so pages which we imported into Drupal using the feeds module.

Try it out. Search for “school meals”. You know you want to!

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