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Drupal 7: create random filename

It’s very easy to create a random filename in Drupal. Just re-use the built-in Drupal user_password function:–user–user.module/function/user_password In my case today, I wanted to copy a file from the private:// area to the public:// area because flex was not

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This is my London page. Things to do: My area is South-West London. I’m a member of Third Door, an amazing co-working space along the river in Wandsworth. I organize monthly co-working Fridays for the London Drupal community

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CiviCRM: retrieve CiviCRM Contact from Drupal uid

A first attempt at some code code using the wonderful CiviCRM API version 3. I’m using Drupal 6, and want to retrieve details from CiviCRM relating to the logged in Drupal user. <?php /**  * Implements hook_user().  */ function civicrm_login_message_user($op,

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