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Kasabi Culture Hackday

Check out the Home Town Bands Map Hack! This is what our team achieved at the Kasabi Culture Hack Day today (Thank you Michael, Rick, Bee and especially Benji who taught us sparql and did a fantastic design for the

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Getting a stack trace in Drupal

This tip really helped me today:

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Drupal 7: file upload custom validation

Let’s say you want to validate an uploaded file so that you can check for a correct file naming convention. Here’s what you can do: use hook_file_validate, and don’t make the mistake of trying to use hook_node_validate as I did.

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British Council Activity Mapping

In 2010 I worked on a very interesting project for the British Council. The brief was to help the external relations team communicate the work of the British Council throughout the UK. The result was the Activity Mapping Project. One

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Using vim as a php editor

I’ve added this to my ~/.vimrc file. Now, when I click ctrl-M I get a php compile, and ctrl-L gives me a syntax check. I’m also trying out this tip from – jj instead of ESC. Folding :set foldmethod=indent (z

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