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CiviCRM: Using jQuery to show/hide fields

UPDATE: I gave a lightning talk on this subject at CiviCon London, here are the slides: My client requested amendments to remove some complexity from CiviCRM’s interface. Out-of-the-box, changes can be made here: Administer > Configure > Global Settings >

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Kasabi open government hackday

Last week I was one of about 20 people at the Kasabi Open Government Hackday. For me it was a chance to get started with Open Data and SPARQL, and to spend time with some very smart developers who know

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mysql query logging

Locate my.cnf on your machine sudo find / -name my.cnf -print For me (on Ubuntu) my.cnf is located here: /etc/mysql/my.cnf … and also here, for local settings: ~/.my.cnf Uncomment the general log file lines: # * Logging and Replication #

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